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MAC2MUG is for people who want to learn from and interact with other Macintosh computer users. We welcome visitors at our monthly meeting and hope that you will become a member. Meetings last for approximately two hours and are generally held the first Tuesday of the month.

Our next meeting is on May 6, 2014 and will feature: TBA

(presented by TBA)

Our April 1, 2014 meeting featured: Video Chat on Your Mac

(presented by Tom Davis, Roger Owens and Rob Ellis)

Mac2Mug April 2014 Meeting Topic - Video Chat on Your Mac
A hands-on look at Skype and FaceTime for video chats on your Mac and iOS devices
Do you remember the enchanting predictions of video telephones, promised to become common technology somewhere in the not-too-terribly-distant future? At long last, yesterday’s tomorrow is today, and not only do you have that video phone, it may be in your pocket. On Tuesday, we took a good look, literally, at video chatting for Macintosh, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Exploring the features in both Skype and FaceTime, we compared both apps and explain how to use them, including live demonstrations of video and audio chats. No matter what the distance, you can have a face-to-face business conference, or share a toast with someone special. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a smile you can truly see must surely be worth a million.
(See the April 2014 meeting-announcement here)
Writing and creative image credits for our meeting notices goes to Mac2MUG Secretary and Creative Genius - Rob Ellis. If you had fun reading, then you are really in for a treat when you attend our meetings and hear his presentations!

Our March 4, 2014 meeting featured: Virtual Travel on Your Mac

(presented by Rob Ellis)

Mac2Mug March 2014 Meeting Topic - Virtual Travel on Your Mac
See the world, or decide where in the world you would like to vacation, via some clever software and websites
If you have been longing to peruse the markets in Nassau or stroll along the Seine in Paris, though your Mac is not able to literally take you there (that requires planes and such), it can easily allow you to virtually wander the world. Whether you would like to visit Tokyo but find the actual trip cost-prohibitive, or would like to have a better look at it before you travel to decide whether it is your cup of tea, your Macintosh can be an invaluable assistant. On Tuesday, Rob showed several dazzling websites and some ingenious Mac software which allow you to experience the sights, and occasionally even the sounds, of faraway destinations, from San Francisco to Saturn. Yes, even stars and galaxies can be virtually traveled. While your Mac cannot serve up a feast of Fettuccine Bolognese from Italy (one hopes that Apple is working on it), it can certainly provide a feast for the eyes.

Our February 4, 2014 meeting featured: Browser vs. Browser vs. Browser

(presented by Tom Davis, Annette Davis and Rob Ellis)

Mac2Mug February 2014 Meeting Topic - Browser vs. Browser vs. Browser
An in-depth comparison of the three most popular web browsers for Mac
It’s a great big World Wide Web out there, and surfing it can be a breeze if you happen to be doing your surfing in a web browser which works the way you want a browser to work. But how does one browse browsers to find that perfect browser, without trying each one? On Tuesday, Annette, Tom and Rob did the browsing for us, by showing off the features of the three most popular browsers for Macintosh: Safari, Chrome and Firefox. We looked at all their best features, as well as the limitations of each browser. And although seeking a good browser may not be among the most burning questions in your life, finding a great one can turn your web-surfing into smooth sailing.


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